Druk Executives

Ecology and Environment

Bhutan has intact ecological and environmental situation until now.  In addition, its government is conscious about the plus point and has been working alone and with various national/international organizations to preserve natural heritage for future generation and to ensure quality life standards of its people. Similarly, Bhutan has tremendous biological diversity of plants, animals and ecosystems. It is believed that the forests contain around 5500 species of plants and 770 species of birds. Bhutan's national animal- Takin, monkeys, tigers, snow leopards and other cat families, rhinos, bears, pandas, wild dogs, deer, sheep, goat and antelopes, wolf, yak, wild buffalo, gaur, pig and marmots are some of the animals in the forests.

Black-necked Cranes have significant status in Bhutan because of its rarity and endangered position and its popularity among Bhutanese people. In spring and winter seasons, Bhutan witnesses other endangered bird species due to their immigrations in the country. White-bellied heron, Pailas's fish eagle, ospreys, accentors, rosefinches, grosbeaks, snow pigeons and pheasants like satyr tragopan and moonal are other important rare birds, which are proving their existence in the world through seasonal immigration in Bhutan.