Druk Executives

Tshering Choden

Tshering Choden
General Manager - Marketing & Operations
From the time she went onto pursuing her University degree in Delhi, India; life has been an adventure for her since then. Her passion and curiosity to learn and explore places has taken her into many aspects of the travel world from guiding tours in Bhutan, working for British Airways air reservation in Delhi, an experience working for US based Travelocity and doesn’t end there - an avid explorer by nature and a travel enthusiast, she has traveled most part of the world. She pursued her formal travel education in Berkeley, California, with a Degree in Travel Management and Adventure Specialist. Her biggest accomplishment came with an opportunity to work at Mountain Travel Sobek, one of the world’s leading Adventure Company based in California. In that brief time, she gained exposure and a good insight into the global travel industry operations and logistics, and hence has a good understanding in carrying out seamless travel arrangements.

She is often seen participating in travel fairs, taking care of every marketing aspect in promoting Bhutan and representing the company. Her love for her country and its unique character has incessantly made her to pursue and in bringing the world to learn about her tiny nation at every given opportunity. Besides her love for travel, she is often hiking and into adventure sports.

She overlooks marketing and operations in the company.